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2022 OCHC and BASH

Cerner (now Oracle) hosts an annual health conference formerly known as the Cerner Health Conference. This year, due to the merge, it was called OCHC (Oracle Cerner Health Conference). This year I was able to design many graphics, signage, digitals, and giveaways for the conference and the annual Bash which is basically a party that takes place at the end of OCHC in Kansas City's Power and Light District.

Keynote Ad for Bash

This is a picture of the main stage in the Kansas City Convention Center where the keynotes took place. The current screen is a graphic I created to advertise the Bash event prior to the keynote.


Power and Light Banners

This is one of the two banners that hung in P&L in downtown Kansas City during the Bash event.


Bash Capes

Since the theme for this year's Bash was "Healthcare Heroes" we made capes to give away with my Bash logo on them.


Bash Water Bottles

Here is one of the water bottles with the label I designed.


Main Stage with Live Band

My graphics were utilized throughout the event.


VIP Signage

There were designated areas for corporate sponsors, so I designed easel signs for the reserved guest areas.


Digital Menu Board Videos

Throughout the event area were several restaurants and for each restaurant I created an MP4 video which scrolled through the menu and event reminders coordinated with the Bash graphic theme.


Bash 360

Bash graphics were utilized on multiple surfaces throughout the event space.


Menu Board

Another look at the menu board as it transitions through the rotating slides.


Bash Venue

Another look at the Kansas City Live area in the Power and Light District.

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